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Student Activities, Social Life & Culture

Getting involved in British culture is an important part of learning English. That’s why we arrange a variety of activities and events. Our social programme includes things like:

  • parties
  • museums,
  • historical buildings,
  • club nights,
  • attractions
  • cultural events
  • weekend excursions outside of London.

We encourage all our students to take part because it’s an opportunity to improve your language skills, have fun and make the most of London. Many of the activities are free of charge and most trips are accompanied by a member of the teaching staff so you never get lost. To see what’s on this week’s social programme see below.


Welcome WalkSky GardenPizza EveningKensington PalaceThe London EyeOxford Day TripCycle Hire

Student Benefits

Students who enrol will be eligible for;

A one years membership to our Kensington e-learning programme.

First course book is included in the registration fee.

At least two free social and academic activities each week.

Student Support

We treat all our students as adults; it won’t be like being at school! However, if there’s ever a problem we will be on hand to help. Your safety and happiness during your time with us is a priority. Think of us as your London family.

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