What our students think of us

Our reputation is important to us. That’s why we always ask our students what they think of us when they leave. Here are just a few testimonials from the thousands of people that have studied with us over the years.

“I’m enjoying studying here and living in London. I would love to stay longer and learn more.”

– Amir, from Malaysia

“At KAE I get the chance to put into practice my English communication skills. The atmosphere at the school is welcoming and friendly.”

– Teresa, from Spain

“When I arrived in London I didn’t know English but KAE helped me to learn English in a short time. The teachers and staff are very friendly; they can help me at any time. I enjoy my course every day.”

– Kakajan, from Turkmenistan

“I love London and I like to learn in this school. All the teachers are very good and we always have interesting activities.”

– Doinita, from Bulgaria

“I have enjoyed learning at KAE. The staff are very kind and knowledgeable. The education system of this course is the highest level. The teachers are patient and polite.”

– Elkhan, from Azerbaijan

“I’ve been studying at KAE for the last 5 months. I’ve met amazing people and made a lot of friends. The teachers are extremely intelligent and friendly.”

– Iryna, from Ukraine