Advice on how to pick the right English Course

If you are looking to learn English, improve your English and confidence, need English for your professional life, or are preparing for the IELTS or Cambridge exams KAE prides itself on helping our students find the right course.

Looking for English courses to improve your English or your confidence? One of our General English courses may be the right fit for you.

Need English courses for an office environment? Have a look at our General English plus Business English Course or Business English Evening Course.

Preparing for your IELTS exam or Cambridge exam? Check out the General English plus Exam Preparation options.

If you need more than one English course you can combine our English courses for your English learning needs. Private classes can be combined with the General English courses, the Exam English courses or the Business English courses. You can also start one of the General English courses and move on to an Exam English course or a Business English course once you have reached the suitable level of English.

Use our decision tree

Answer the questions below to see our English Course recommendations.

Do you want to learn English and/or improve your English?
Do you speak any English?
We do not have beginner group courses, but  private lessons would be suitable for beginner English lessons.
I don't know my level of English
Don't worry, all of our new students are tested and placed in a suitable level. If you think you need English for beginners  contact our team. If you don't need beginners English lessons then you can choose your course based on the hours you want to study and what you want to practise
Yes, I speak some English and I want to improve
Great! We have 3 general English courses to choose from. What is your priority for your study?
I want to study as many hours as possible or I have a particular English goal
I have a short time to study
The  Intensive (GE25) is a great course if you want to study as much as possible and you only have a few weeks in London
I have a long time to study
The  Intensive (GE25) Course can be tiring for a long period of study so the  Semi-Intensive (GE21) or the  Standard (GE15) might be better. You can always combine the Intensive course with other courses too. If you have set goals get in touch with the KAE team so we can advise you as to how best achieve those goals
I want to study and see London
We would recommend the  Standard (GE15) so you can join our social programme in the afternoon and see London. Want more English lessons?
If you want more study time the  Semi-Intensive (GE21) or the  Intensive (GE25) will give you more time to practise. Also if you are studying the Standard General English course and you decide you want to do more study it is easy to add more hours while you're on course, just speak to the KAE Team.
Do you want free English lessons and ESoL courses?
I'm afraid that we are an ESL school which means we only do private English courses. This causes a lot of confusion, try searching for ESoL schools in London.
Do you need to learn English to use it at work?
I am visiting London and need to use English in an office environment.
My level of English is Intermediate (CEFR B1) or above.
Check out our  GE15+Business English course which combines General English with Business English.
I don't know if my level of English is suitable.
 Contact the KAE team for advice on your level and suitable English course options for you.
I live in London and have a strong level of English. I want to practise English with other professionals who live in London.
I am available for classes in the evening
Our  Evening Business English course may be perfect for you. It is subject to availability and designed for the students on course specifically so  get in touch with the KAE team for help booking.
I am not available for classes in the evening.
If you need a flexible schedule and a customised course then  private lessons are the best option for you.  Get in touch with the KAE team to discuss availability and your goals.
My job uses specialist professional language and skills, such as legal English, and I need help using it.
 Private lessons are the best option for specific English needs. If you want to improve your level of English at the same time then the  GE15 plus 5 course is a great option, or you can choose just  private lessons.  Get in touch with the KAE to discuss availability.
I need to speak to the general public at work.
One of our  General English courses will probably be the best option to help you communicate with your customers but if you need something else  get in touch with us for advice.
I'm looking for an English course for my child.
My child is 16 or older.
16 and 17 year olds can join our English courses with parental consent. The  Standard (GE15) is a good option for students who are on holiday and want to see London and both the  Intensive (GE25) and the  Semi-Intensive (GE21) are available to students aged 16+.
Need an exam option? Both our  IELTS preparation and  Cambridge exam preparation English courses are available to students 16+. If your child is preparing for a different exam please  Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to advise.
My child is younger than 16.
The minimum age for the group courses is 16, but if you are travelling with your child then you may be able to book  private lessons for them.  Get in touch with the KAE team and we'll be happy to advise.
I need to prepare for an English exam.
I need to prepare for the IELTS exam.
I need to study for the Academic IELTS exam.
I have an English level of Intermediate (CEFR B1) or higher.
Check out our  GE15+IELTS exam preparation course which combines General English and IELTS exam preparation. If you have any questions please do contact us.
My level of English is lower than Intermediate (CEFR B1).
Unfortunately the minimum level for the  GE15+IELTS course is Intermediate.  Get in touch with KAE about your English goals and needs and we will advise you as to suitable course options as best we can.
I don't know my level of English.
 Contact the KAE team for advice and tell us your English goals - we will be happy to help you.
I need to study for the Life Skills IELTS exam.
You can study for the Life Skills exam in  private lessons.  Contact the KAE team for advice on availability and your goals.
I don't know which IELTS exam i need to do.
If you are applying to a university you probably need the Academic IELTS exam. If you are applying to live in the UK then you probably need the Life skills IELTS exam.  Contact the KAE team for more advice.
I need to prepare for the Cambridge exams.
The ideal course for this is the  Cambridge exam preparation English course - available to students 16+
I need to study for a different exam.
We offer other exam preparation in  private lessons. If you need to do General English and exam preparation the  GE15+5 would be a good option for your study, or you can do just  private lessons.  Speak to the KAE team about your goals and we will advise as to your best options.
I don't know which exam I need to do.
I need to do an exam for entry to a UK university.
If you need a visa to study in the UK then you probably need to prepare for the Academic IELTS exam. Check your University's entry requirements for more information or feel free to  contact us for advice on the IELTS exam.
I need to do an exam to live in the UK.
Hopefully you will have a letter or your immigration lawyer will be able to tell you this. Please do  contact us once you know which exam you need so we can advise as to study.
I need to do an exam for entry to a university outside the UK.
This should be in your University's entry requirements. Once you have this information please do  contact us in regards to your study and goals and we will advise as best we can.