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Intensive General English (GE25)

Our intensive course is great for those that need to improve quickly. Students will learn how to use English clearly and accurately within a short period. This course will also educate students on how to use English naturally in everyday situations. Classes focus on accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.

A mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking is used in class by experienced teachers. Unlike the Semi-Intensive English course, this course includes an extra hour per day to help you improve your pronunciation and your knowledge of natural expressions.

In the mornings we focus on grammar and English language use. In the afternoons, we focus on speaking, listening, reading, fluency and pronunciation. Students on this course should expect to make big improvements in their English skills.

Students will get 25 hours of lesson time per week and regular homework. Classes start in the morning and continue into the afternoon.

Discounts are available after three weeks' of lessons.

Maximum class size is 15.

Kensington Academy of English
Hours per week

Class hours per week: 25


Course Price: From £365 per week (with discounts after 3 weeks)


Skills: Speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar & accuracy

Class Size

Average class size: 10

Lesson Duration

Lesson Duration: Mon-Thu 9:15-12:30pm (including 15 minute break) & 1:15pm - 4:00pm (Including 15 minute break) Fri 9:15-12:30pm (including 15 minute break)


Age: 16+


Levels: 5 levels from Elementary to Advanced

Minimum Duration

Minimum Duration: 1 Week

Maximum Duration

Maximum Duration: 36 Weeks


09:15 to 12:3009:15 to 12:3009:15 to 12:3009:15 to 12:3009:15 to 12:30--
(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)
(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)(including 15 minute break)

Add ons

Students doing this course are also able to buy ‘add on’ lessons. They will help you improve your English skills in a specific area:

Private Lessons Add On

One-to-one lessons with an experienced English language teacher can help you in any area. Before your lessons start, we will discuss your situation to find out what you want to learn. We can then plan and prepare a lesson based around your needs.

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Semi-Intensive General English

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