General English (GE15)

This course develops grammatical accuracy and builds vocabulary with a communicative teaching method incorporating reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Every week has specific vocabulary and grammar aims which are tested at the end of each week.

A placement test is given on arrival to assess level.

Homework is given regularly to encourage self-study.
At the end of each language level, a progress test is taken and must be passed before entry to the next level.

A Report and a Certificate of Achievement is issued on completion of the course.

Course Facts

General English (GE15)
Entry date Any Monday
Minimum duration 1 week
Maximum duration 36 weeks
Timetable Monday to Friday, 09:15 to 12:30
Hours Per Week
Description A general English course that will help you to develop the accuracy of your grammar and build up your vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading and writing
Level 5 levels from Elementary to Advanced
Class size 15 students maximum
Age 16+
Price £160 per week (course book is not included.) Click here to see our price list