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KensKensington Academy of English (KAE) was established in 1978 and has been successfully running English Language courses in central London at all levels. KAE is accredited by the British Council, meeting the high standards of quality set out. KAE is the the English language department of David Game College, which is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

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Kensington Academy of English

31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET

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  • Ex Student

    During my 3 months stay in London i had the opportunity to be introduced to many interesting things that made my visit useful and wonderful. First i improved my English in quickly way and during very short time that help me to increase my mark in IELTS from 5.5 to 6.5. In addition i became familiar with new places such as Cambridge , Bath , Brighton that added a lot of knowledge to my amazing visit and all this was due to my participation in many activities organised by the college and sure i gained a lot of new friends from different nationalities.

    Ghalia, Syria
  • Jonathan

    I’m Back in my little Switzerland but I haven’t forgotten the amazing moments that I spent in your school last summer. I’ll never forget it….! Every day I have a little think for you when I have to speak English for work… I would like to wish you all the best for this new year, health love and pub night!

    Jonathan, Switzerland
  • I was in London for six months studying in Kensington Academy. It is very wonderful and amazing college. Very useful located it is very important for example for foreign people like me. Good and light rooms with convenient facilities. Excellent staff in college. When I was studying in the college all the students were interesting for me and I have got a lot of friends, we still keep in touch. The college gave me many facilities to know our world and for this way I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Six months in this school was unbelievable and a wonderful time in my life.

    Kairat, Kazakhstan
  • I’m Estelle from Switzerland and I’m 17. I’m a former student from KAE group in July 2011 for 3 weeks and I want to tell everybody that it was a fantastic experience for me! I recommend to spend your holiday time there because you can really improve your language in some time and you meet so many different kinds people from other countries. I especially thank Mrs. Diana who was my teacher when I was in London. I really enjoyed and I hope I can come once again.

    Estelle, Switzerland
  • Leila

    When I think about London, I remember Notting Hill and Kensington Academy. Without this school I wouldn’t have all these great memories and experiences. My wish was to get my English level to a high standard and at KAE it came true. I took part in the different social programmes with Laura and I made friends fast and built strong friendships. At KAE you meet people from all over the world and it really is an adventure. I will take this experience and remember it for life.

    Leila, Germany
  • I’m Insiya from Madagascar and I came to London to Study English at Kensington Academy. For me what I am experiencing at the moment is amazing. I have made so many great friends coming from all around the world, and from different cultures. I would like to thank the college for helping me learn so much!

    Insiya, Madagascar
  • Marzia

    I would like to thank all staff and teachers especially Diana, Anita and Chris who gave me more confidence to improve my English language. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Game and i wish the best for him.

    Marzia, Iran
  • Debora

    Hi I’m Débora from Brazil. I’m 21 and studied in KAE for 1 month with my brother. I definitely recommend this school. The team is amazing, the teachers clarify learning, and I made many friends of various nationalities. We loved the hospitality of the citizens of London, the atmosphere, parks, ease of transportation, nightlife, pubs, museums. I’m sure the learning I had during this time in KAE will be useful in my professional and personal life.

    Debora, Brazil
  • Arzu

    Studying in Kensington Academy, living in London, meeting with wonderful people, seeing new places… all in all it was an amazing experience for me. I’m glad that i had teachers who were really good at their jobs that they made me do my best throughout my studies. I would like to thank Laura for all great social activities which were really helpful to improve my English and enjoy my time in London. Time just flies here in London. I cant believe I’ve been in London for 5 months and I’m leaving in a few weeks. I will miss you all when i go back to Turkey.

    Arzu, Turkey
  • Federica

    My experience at Kensington Academy was useful and unforgettable, I would like to thank all the staff and teachers who helped me to improve my english, to learn more things about english culture and traditions. Kensington Academy is not only an english school where you can learn grammar and vocabulary, but it is also an opportunity to live the real english life, to meet people from all over the world, and all this is possible thanks to the weekly activities organized by the school.

    Federica, Italy
  • Pei-Yun "Miko"

    Learning a new language can be very hard, especially when your learning in your home country, so when i came to London to study at Kensington Academy all the teachers are very kind and have individual teaching styles. Sometimes they are not just teachers, but friends, sisters, or even parents. They not only care about your English level they also care about your welfare. I have never known learning English to be so much fun here at the Academy, I’ve not only learnt a new language but I’ve also learnt a not of new experiences.

    Pei-Yun, Taiwan
  • Anis

    Kensington Academy was the first door that i knocked to learn English, and I am very thankful to all Kensington staff and teachers that do their possible to give you the right information with the easiest way they can. When i first came to London i didn’t know a word of English, after 6 months of studies in this prestigious college I got a 6 in IELTS which is one of the hardest exams in English. As well as being in the social program that is an amazing experience to meet new people and to discover history and places that you might never know!

    Anis, Algeria
  • Pilar

    The best word to describe my time in the school is amazing! The school combines the best bits of learning with all of the added fun the capital. I will never forget the time I spent there. The teachers and staff marvellous. I recommend this school and experience to the whole world!

    Pilar, Spain
  • Alessandro

    I took the Cambridge FCE exam preparation course, it was an intensive 4 week course and I learned lots of valuable skills. I passed the FCE exam and it’s helped me in everyday life. It’s given me the confidence to get a job, and now I can say I’m working full time in London. I can’t thank KAE enough!

    Alessandro, Italy
  • Ardita

    I am very pleased and proud that I am studying in Kensington Academy. I’ve really improved my English over the time I’ve been here. I am very grateful to all the teachers that helped to support my studies. I never thought I would learn so much when I arrived here at Kensington Academy. I was very nervous when I first arrived, and Anita – my teacher – supported me to be very free and open, her praise helped me to build my confidence. She is an excellent teacher!

    Ardita, Kosovo
  • Ece

    Being in London is an amazing experience for me and studying at Kensington Academy made it even better! It’s been only 4 months since I came here and now there’s a significant increase in my level of English. All the exercises we’ve done in class kept me motivated and the social programme pointed me in the right direction to chat with many different people. The teachers are really supportive which gives us confidence and it’s encouraged me to do my best.

    Ece, Turkey
  • Cassandre

    I would like to thank all the staff and teachers who have been really helpful and nice to me while I’ve studied here. I have improved more in two months at Kensington Academy than in a couple of years at my old high school. Now studying English is a pleasure and I will really miss my mates and teachers here once I leave. There is a great atmosphere here at the school.

    Cassandre, France
  • Florence

    I started my English courses in November, it was a very good way to improve my English and meet so many different students. The course has helped me to be more confident.

    Florence, France

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