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Course Fees

Our fees for all our English Courses are below.

The registration fee is £70 for NON-VISA and VISA students, which includes administration, first day testing, first course book (except exam preparation courses), 1 year KAE e-learning membership, induction and leaver’s certificate. It is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Intensive General English GE25

1-3 Weeks£350
4-11 Weeks£335
12 Weeks+£325

Semi-Intensive General English (GE21)

1-3 Weeks£310
4-11 Weeks£295
12 Weeks+£285

General English for Accuracy (GE15)

1-3 Weeks£245
4-11 Weeks£230
12 Weeks+£220

General English for Accuracy (GE15 PM)

1-3 Weeks£195
4-11 Weeks£180
12 Weeks+£170

GE15+ Business English

1-3 Weeks£320
4-11 Weeks£305
12 Weeks+£295

GE15+ IELTS Exam Preparation

1-3 Weeks£320
4-11 Weeks£305
12 Weeks+£295

GE15+ Cambridge Exam Preparation

1-3 Weeks-
4-11 Weeks£320
12 Weeks+£305

General English Plus 5 (GE15+5)

1-3 Weeks£445
4-11 Weeks£430
12 Weeks+£425

Business English Evening Course

4 week course£320

Private English Lessons

Price Per Hour
£60 Per Hour One-to-One General English
£65 Per Hour for One-to-One Specific Purpose

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