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General English Afternoon (GE15 PM)

This is a new course aimed at students who want to take our GE15 course but need the flexibility to study in the afternoons.

This course helps you improve your grammar and accuracy. Students will learn how to develop their vocabulary by speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each week has specific vocabulary and grammar aims which are tested at the end of each week.

Classes start in the afternoons until late afternoon so you can still enjoy London in the evening. Students will get 15 hours of lesson time per week. Regular homework and in class tests will be given.

Discounts are available after 4 weeks' of lessons.

Maximum class size is 15. This course is only available in July & August.

Kensington Academy of English
Hours per week

Class hours per week: 15 hours


Course Price: From £210 per week (with discounts after 3 weeks)


Skills: fluency, grammar and accuracy

Class Size

Average class size: 10

Lesson Duration

Lesson Duration: Mon-Fri 1.15-4.30pm


Age: 16+


Levels: 3 levels from Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Minimum Duration

Minimum Duration: 1 week

Maximum Duration

Maximum Duration: 36 weeks



Course Start Dates

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