One-to-One Courses

One tutor, one student. One-to-One tuition is the most effective and rapid method for a student to improve their command of English language, spoken and written. From the start of the programme the teacher works with the student to design an individual plan which meets the student’s needs.

With our One-to-One courses you choose the number of lessons and the areas you would like to work on. Lessons can be designed to meet your specific language requirements. Students can choose to study General English or one of the specialist subject areas described below.

Business English
These lessons cover a wide range of business language skills, including the language of presentations, seminars,conferences and meetings, and describing tables and graphs. They also focus on speaking naturally in social situations, making appointments, corresponding by email and understanding commercial documents.

English for Medical Purposes
These lessons are designed to develop the communication skills and specialist medical English of doctors,nurses, dentists, healthcare assistants and carers working across a range of disciplines. They are also intended for those studying towards a career in the medical field.

Exam Preparation
These lessons involve an in-depth focus on the different parts of the exam the student is preparing to take, for example IELTS, the Cambridge ESOL (KET, PET, FCE, CAE &
CPE), TOEFL, TOEIC etc. In these sessions, the student receives targeted practice in the strategies needed to approach the different parts of the exam and tuition in the language and organisational skills required for the writing tasks.

Legal English
These lessons are intended for those already working in the legal profession and for those who have studied or are studying law. They focus on enabling students to understand legal documents written in English and on helping them to acquire the very specific language skills required to communicate well with other individuals in this area.

English for the Oil and Gas Industry
These lessons are taught through content specifically related to the oil and gas industry, and are suitable for anyone working within these fields. Emphasis is placed on improving and learning relevant technical vocabulary.

English for Engineering
These lessons are suitable for engineers and engineering technicians from any field. Special emphasis is placed on practising the language skills and relevant vocabulary across a wide range of technical contexts, such as for technical drawings, dimensions, causes and effects, and explaining technical problems.

Course Facts

One-to-One Courses
Entry date Subject to demand
Duration 2 hours minimum
Level Beginner to Advanced
Class size One-to-One
Age 16+
Price £55 per hour for General English
£60 per hour for Specific purposes Click here to see our price list